SparkLabs Taipei x Taiwan Mafia: Startup Scaling

How do you quickly scale a global startup 📈  and build a first-class product or service, all while focusing on developing a customer-centric and international brand 🌐?


SparkLabs Taipei and Taiwan Mafia are organizing an exclusive, founder-only Masterclass on the topic of "Startup Scaling." Hear from these Silicon Valley tech giants who all have experience building and scaling global startups that have exited for a combined value of $1+ billion. Join us for focused knowledge sharing sessions with these experienced entrepreneurs and investors and get a chance to interact with them on an intimate level in small group discussion settings. Through this Masterclass, we hope to share the knowledge and experience of the Taiwan Mafia to help Taiwanese entrepreneurs learn how to build customer-focused, first-class, global products and services. Event will be conducted in English.

Presentation Topics:

🕹️ Product

🕹️ Fundraising

🕹️ Business Development

🕹️ Building an International Brand

🕹️ Scaling Mindset


Deadline to apply is July 30th at 11:59PM!

What to Expect

♟️ Topic Presentations by Taiwan Mafia speakers covering key topics to startup scaling such as building an international brand, global fundraising, and being customer-focused.

♟️ Small Group Breakout Sessions with Taiwan Mafia speakers to create deeper connections and intimate discussions regarding startup scaling.

♟️ Networking Happy Hour



CTO & Co-Founder


Executive Vice President, Worldwide Production and Studios at Warner Bros. Games


General Partner, Race Capital



Co-Founder of Mochi Media


RedOctane (Guitar Hero),

CEO and Co-Founder


14:00-14:30 (30 min) - Check-in

14:30-14:40 (10 min) - Opening

14:40-16:00 (80 min) - Speaker Topic Presentations

16:00-16:10 (10 min) - Break

16:10-17:00 (50 min) - Breakout Session 1

17:10-18:00 (50 min) - Breakout Session 2

18:00-18:30 (30 min) - Closing

18:30-20:00 (90 min) - Happy Hour

Suitable to attend


Transportation & Map

About SparkLabs Taipei:

SparkLabs Taipei is part of the SparkLabs accelerator network- a global accelerator network founded by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. Established in 2017, SparkLabs Taipei offers a strategically designed accelerator program to help founders grow and scale their startups into world-class businesses. Since our inception, we've already invested in and accelerated 26 startups. We believe that in order to solve the world's toughest problems with significant scale and sustainable impact, it is crucial for the business model to be embedded with a global mindset from day one.


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About Taiwan Mafia:

In 2017 Business Weekly published a story about a group of prominent entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley that were of Taiwanese descent. The article referred to the group as 矽谷台灣幫 or Taiwan Mafia. The group of young, Taiwanese entrepreneurs had a common vision of helping Taiwan to build a thriving startup ecosystem. This vision manifested itself into existence through a collaboration of government officials, entrepreneurs, and companies to create job opportunities for ambitious Taiwanese recruits. The Taiwan Mafia network will foster a new culture of building first-class, global products and services while also serving to educate and shepherd in a new generation of Taiwanese entrepreneurs.


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To attend this event, founders must be evaluated and approved by the organizers. Founders who apply will be notified if they are accepted to attend the event via email by Aug 5th, 2020 18:00 PM.




  1. Startup Founders or Co-founders

  2. Company size is more than 5 people

  3. Have already raised outside capital


  1. Have a referral from SparkLabs Taipei, Taiwan Mafia, or our event sponsors.

  2. Have overseas offices


Special Note: SparkLabs Taipei and Taiwan Mafia uphold the spirit of "Entrepreneurs Growing Entrepreneurs" and aspire to help Taiwan's entrepreneurs to go global. Thus, this Masterclass is free to attend but will require a $1,000 NTD deposit which will be returned to you on the day of the event.  



SparkLabs Taipei is part of the SparkLabs accelerator network  a global accelerator network founded by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. Established in 2017, SparkLabs Taipei offers a strategically designed accelerator program to help founders grow and scale their startups into world-class businesses. Since our inception, we’ve already accelerated 18 startups. 

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