SparkLabs Taipei Batch 5 Recap

The global pandemic has, without a doubt, brought significant impacts on the way people work and live. SparkLabs Taipei continues to scout for startups across all data-rich fields that are tackling business and individual customers’ most pressing pain points. SparkLabs Taipei’s accelerator program batch 5 brought together 8 startups that center around Smart Life Technology and Smart Manufacturing, and many of these startups show great potential to provide enormous value especially in the post-pandemic era.

Introducing the 8 startups

GRAID Technology - GRAID Technology has developed a disruptive software and

hardware solution that can unlock the performance bottleneck of RAID protection for SSDs. It is also the world’s first NVMeoF RAID solution that not only protects direct-attached SSDs but also those connected via NVMe over Fabrics (NVMeoF).

Knowtions Research - Founded in 2015, Knowtions Research is an applied artificial intelligence company with a mission to make the world’s health data useful. The company’s Lydia enterprise AI platform helps insurers transform operations and launch Pay-How-You-Live health insurance products.

PowerArena - Founded in 2018 by ex-Googlers, PowerArena focuses on monitoring and analyzing production sites in real time by making use of deep learning artificial intelligence technology. By finding out the root causes for low efficiency in the manufacturing sector, they aim to improve production efficiency by more than 5% in 4 weeks.

Slasify - Founded in 2016, Slasify is a one-stop remote workforce management platform that provides comprehensive offshore HR solutions such as hiring, payroll management. Its reliable service network supports team deployment in 150+ countries & regions and provides payment in 60+ local currencies.

Smart Tag - Founded in 2020, Smart Tag focuses on providing flexible wireless sensors which can stick on any surface and collect environment data easily, using data to conduct analyses and enhance production efficiency and yield rate.

Spaceship - Founded in 2019 in Hong Kong, Spaceship is an all-in-one logistic solution platform allowing users to instantly compare and book shipping options across various service providers. It has established a partnership ecosystem composed of 30+ leading service providers, such as FedEx, UPS, TNT, etc.

Tsaitung Agriculture - Tsaitung Agriculture provides a platform for restaurants to purchase vegetables and fruits directly from farmers. Tsaitung is revolutionizing the agricultural supply chain by its price prediction algorithm, supply chain management technology, novel business model, and partner network of producers and restaurants.

Yallvend - Founded in 2019, Yallvend is dedicated to upgrading traditional vending machines into smarter machines supporting mobile payment and inventory functionalities.

Batch 5 program at a glance

The batch 5 program was originally planned to be 3-month long and was extended for additional 2 months due to the pandemic in Taiwan. Despite the challenges, we saw the incredible perseverance and adaptability in all the batch 5 founders who quickly sought ways to adjust the work style and continued to propel their businesses forward.

Throughout the program, we were honored to have many mentors, partners, and SparkLabs Taipei alumni deliver training courses, across various topics such as product development, business development, company culture, IP strategy planning, and fundraising best practices. Their experiences are highly valuable to our founders. Just to name a few our lecturers below:

  • Antonio (方植永), 學堂講座職能培訓

  • Carey Lai, Managing Director, Conductive Ventures

  • Chien Lin, Managing Director, Ring Asia

  • Crystal Pang, Co-Founder and CEO, Pickupp

  • Jesse Chen, Partner, KPMG

  • John Chao, Co-Founder and CEO, Tresl

  • Paul Chen, CEO, VesCir

  • Peter Su, Former Product Manager, Facebook

  • Tony Lee, Counsel​​, KPMG

  • Wretch Chien, Principal, AME Cloud Ventures

We also would like to express our gratitude towards all the mentors for providing consultation and guidance to the founders, which have been absolutely instrumental for the evolution of these startups in this accelerator journey.

DemoDay 5 - the first online DemoDay

The batch 5 program was concluded by the DemoDay 5 held on August 5th, 2021, which is our first virtual DemoDay ever. The event had 1,300+ participants signed up and 3,200+ collective views, including representatives from 150+ investment institutions.

The 8 startups presented how their innovative solutions are solving the pain points across manufacturing, storage, retail, F&B, logistics, and insurance. They demonstrated solid traction and were ready to continue the rapid growth going forward.

We sincerely appreciate all the sponsors, partners, speakers, event participants and, last but not least, the batch 5 startups, to make the event possible.

If you are interested in learning more about these startups and how the founders feel about their experiences with the accelerator program, check out the following links.

DemoDay 5

Batch 5 founders’ sharing

About SparkLabs Taipei

SparkLabs Taipei was founded in winter of 2018. Within two and a half years, we have invested and accelerated 35 startups. We are happy to see the recent good news in fundraising and business expansion activities among our alumni startups.

Please stay tuned for the upcoming batch 6 DemoDay in December and recruitment for future batch of accelerator program. With the rapidly-growing business, SparkLabs Taipei is also actively looking for talents to join the team to help more startups go global. Check out the following links for more details.

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