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About SparkLabs Taipei

SparkLabs Taipei is part of the SparkLabs accelerator network — a global accelerator network founded by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. Established in 2018, SparkLabs Taipei offers a strategically designed accelerator program to help founders grow and scale their startups into world-class businesses. Since our inception, we’ve already accelerated 40+ startups.


We're looking for talented individuals that have the ability to thrive in a fast-paced, high-growth, and small company. Read on to see if SparkLabs Taipei is a good fit for you!

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( Here's a teaser video of our SparkLabs Taipei DemoDay 6 . We host the largest Demo Day in Taiwan, attracting over 1000+ attendees ! )

Current Job Openings


Senior Marketing Manager


Program Coordinator
( Kaohsiung )


Event Planner


Finance Manager


Administrative Specialist

What we look for in new team members

At SparkLabs Taipei, we offer a great opportunity for our team members to learn quickly about startups and startup growth, to lead and manage entire projects from 0 to 1, and to level up in their career.

Our work culture is fun and challenging, and we expect our team members to have:

  • Passion and commitment to SparkLabs Taipei's mission of helping startup founders go global.

  • Track record of being a self-starterquick learner, and fast thinker.

  • Ability to work independently, take ownership of entire projects, and execute at a high level with minimal guidance.

  • Exceptional project management skills, attention to detail, and ability to multitask in order to balance multiple projects and deadlines to meet objectives.

  • Good verbal and written communication skills in Chinese and English.

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If you are someone who can get things done...and you are looking for a challenging but fun work environment that leads to great impact, then SparkLabs Taipei is the right place for you

What we offer

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Not only is the work at SparkLabs fun, exciting, and challenging, but we offer a competitive salary and bonuses. 

Working at SparkLabs Taipei, you can expect:

  • to work directly with many of Taiwan's top tech startups and high-caliber entrepreneurs. Check out our portfolio of startups.

  • to learn about numerous industries and see various business models.

  • freedom to bring new ideas and lead entire projects.

  • to work alongside a tight-knit, fun, and elite team.

(Photo of our weekly training session during the accelerator program)


Flora Hsieh - Program Director

Entrepreneurship is an incredible vehicle for change. At SparkLabs, you will have plenty of opportunities to join the adventures with so many talented founders to make a difference to the future. You might be their first believer, be part of their journeys building companies from 0 to 1, grow and scale with startup founders, partners, mentors, or just be there with them during all those highs and lows which is also important, trust me. There are moments in your life time when you look back on feeling so fulfilled. Working at SparkLabs is definitely one of the moments that I feel so meaningful, grateful and fulfilled and what’s more, most of the time - is always way beyond my expectations!


Wei Ma - Program Manager

SparkLabs Taipei is a place that makes you feel welcome from Day 1 (or in many cases even before you officially join). Also, there is a strong culture of teamwork at SparkLabs Taipei to ensure sufficient support is provided to each other for the team to achieve the goals together. Moreover, the team work with a group brilliant entrepreneurs in diverse fields, and it would be a great environment for you if you enjoy a job that is dynamic and not always predictable (in a fun way).


Rae Chen - Digital Marketing Manager

I am proud to work for SparkLabs Taipei because it gives me the chance to become part of a professional and dynamic team. Every day provides an opportunity to learn new and interesting things. It’s a valuable experience to witness how Taiwan startups transform into world-class businesses. Inspired me to dream big, go global!


Stacy Chen - Executive Assistant

I’ve only joined SparkLabs Taipei for a short period but I am amazed by the amount of passion and devotion of every person on the team. We’re a very small, close-knit group, and everyone is aligned with the goal of nurturing Taiwanese startups and helping them become successful in the global market. We’re a work hard, play hard team, and we find every possible opportunity to have a great laugh together even during crunch times. I feel blessed to have the chance to join this wonderful family and am sure you will have a blast too if you join us!


Andrew Lee - Research Fellow 

「Dream Big, Go global」,保持著這樣的熱忱與態度,時光飛逝,精彩充實的時光總在不知不覺之中就過了半年。這半年在 SparkLabs Taipei 擔任 Research Fellow 的日子,帶給我的體驗和成長,很難透過文字完整敘述,但可以確定的是我在這樣精實高效的團隊裡真誠地感受到自我成長與團隊的熱忱。這篇心得將分成我在 SparkLabs Taipei 的感受和我自己體認到這段旅途帶給我的成長。👉  Read More