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About SparkLabs

We are a new type of seed-stage fund and accelerator.

All of our founders are entrepreneurs who have built companies in Korea, Taipei and the U.S. We have bootstrapped, funded our companies by credit cards, raised angel funding and secured venture capital. We have endured the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, gone through our share of successes and failures, and have developed a strong desire to help out the next generation of global entrepreneurs.

SparkLabs came to Taipei in 2017 with a mission to help more startups here to go global! Taiwan is a vibrant place with all the necessary components for a great startup. While the local ecosystem is flourishing, we believe that our mentorship-driven program, global resources and experienced team are the positive force in helping entrepreneurs to develop, grow, network, and scale into other markets throughout the world.

Our Team


Alex Wu

Venture Partner

Bernard Moon

Co-founder and Partner

Edgar Chiu

Co-founder & Managing Partner

Eugene Kim


Tony Ling

Venture Partner


Steve Chen

Co-Founder of Youtube & EIR at Google

Charles Huang

Co-Founder & CEO of Indigo 7; Co-Founder of RedOctane (Guitar Hero)

Kai Huang

Co-Founder of RedOctane (Guitar Hero)

Kevin Chou

Co-founder & CEO of KSV eSports, Co-founder of Kabam

Mentors (Taiwan)

Feilx Hong

Country Manager at Nest Taiwan

Ben Tsiang

Co-Founder & Chairman Co-Founder at CNEX SINA

Wesley Kuo

Founder & CEO at Ubitus Inc. i@solution

Felix Lam

Founding Principal Executive Director at Red Chapel Advisors WYNG 43 Social Investment

Jeff Kuo

Gogolook at Co-founder & CEO

Jacob Hsu

CEO at Catalyte

Wretch Chien

Principal Founder at AME Cloud Ventures

Allen Houng

Team Lead for Analytics and Data Processing at etouches

Edward Shen

Co-founder and COO at Yulore Technology

Roy Ang

Regional Business Development at GrabPay

Melody Koh

Venture Partner at NextView Ventures

Candice Ong

Chief Commercial Officer at ShopBack

Silvia Yu

CEO at Red Peak Asia

John Fan

Co-founder & CEO at PicCollage

Chih-Han Yu

Co-Founder & CEO at Appier

Mentors (Global)

Adrian Hong

Managing Director of Pegasus Strategies

Alan Chan

Managing Partner at Vectr

Head of Product at MasterClass

Venture Partner

Alvin Foo

Head of Mobile for Omnicom Media Group

Andrew Chu

Online Product Manager at Home Depot USA

Anil Sethi

Founder & CEO of Gliimpse

Ann Greenberg

Founder: ION, Gracenote, Sceneplay & Hugging Company

Arum Kang

Founder & CEO of Coffee Meets Bagel

Ashish Kumar

Serial Entrepreneur

BeomJae Lee

Former CEO of Studio EX

Bernie Cho

President | DFSB Kollective

BjoernLasse Herrmann

Co-founder & CEO of Startup Compass

Bobby Bhatia

Founder & CEO of TrakInvest

Brendon Kim

Senior Director at Samsung Electronics

Brian Behlendorf

Managing Director at Mithril Capital Management

Brian Park

Real Time Cases, Inc.

Bruce Gellman

Entrepreneur & Angel Investor

Bumshik Hong

Partner at Bain & Company in Seoul

C.J. Guinness

Co-founder of St. James Partners

Carl Wescott

Real Estate Developer & Serial Entrepreneur

Catharina Min

Partner, Reed Smith LLP

Chang Kim

CEO of Tapas Media

Charles Huang

Co-Founder of RedOctane (Guitar Hero)

Chris Wong

Senior Vice President at Ooyala

Chris Yeh

VP Marketing for PBworks

Christian Miele

Vice President of

Christine Moon

Director of Color Genomics

Clarence Wooten

Head of Mobile Device Partnerships at Dropbox

Clinton Foy

Venture Partner at CrossCut Ventures

Crick Waters

CEO & Co-founder of Conga

Dale Kim

CEO & Co-founder of Conga

David Hernand

Partner-in-Charge at Cooley LLP

David Lee

Co-founder of Refactor Capital

David Lee

Senior Vice President, Finance Best Buy

David Song

CEO of Nike Korea

Dawoon Kang

Founder & COO of Coffee Meets Bagel

Dean Park

Executive Director for Customer Innovation at GE International

Douglas Glen

Serial Entrepreneur & Fortune 500 Executive

Douglas Y. Park

Partner at Rimon

Drew Ladner

President & CEO of Pascal Metrics Inc

Edmund Injae Lee


Edward Kim

Tarceva Marketing at Genentech, Roche Group

Eliot Kang

Founder & CEO of Inmost Partners

Eric Kim

Managing Director of Maverick Capital

Erica Lee

Founder & CEO of StrategicLee

Erik I. Moreno

Founder & CEO of StrategicLee

Erik Rannala

Co-founder of MuckerLab

Esther Song

CEO of Song Group

Eugene Lee

EIR at Artiman Ventures

Frank Meehan

Entrepreneur & Investor

Gary A. Bolles

Co-founder of

Gen Isayama

Partner at DCM

Ginsu Yoon

Product Manager at Google

Haiying Wang

Head of Big Data Solutions at Huawei Technologies

Hiro Tamura

Partner at Atomico

InSik Rhee

General Partner at Rembrandt Venture Partners

Jack Liu

General Manager, Supercell

Jai Choi

Founder of Tekton Ventures

James No

VP of Disney, Greater China

James Rhee

CEO, North Asia at AirAsia

James Sun

Founder & CEO of Pirq

Jameson Hsu

Serial entrepreneur (founder of WDDG, Mochi Media, Pieceable)

Jasmine Friedl

Product designer at Facebook

Jason Johnson

CEO & Co-founder of August

Jay Eum

Co-founder & Managing Director of TransLink Capital

Jee Young Kim

VP & Managing Director, Fashion Group of Samsung C&T Corporation

Jeff Clavier

Founder and Managing Partner of SoftTech VC

Jeffrey Hsu

Founder of Elementri

Jinny Jung

Senior Director of Marketing & Promotions, Turner Digital Sales

John Joonsoo Kim

Marketing Executive at Skylark

John Kim

Managing Partner of HighBar Partners

John Randall Lewis

Partner at Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati

John Seung

Partner at Fung Capital USA

John Suh

CEO of LegalZoom

Jonathan Levine

CIO & Vice CTO of Rakuten Group

Joseph Chong

Product manager at Twitter

Joyce Kim

Co-founder & CEO of

Jung Jun Kim

CEO of Gamehi

Kai Huang

Co-founder & CEO of Blue Goji

Kirk Hoiberg

Co-founder & Principal at Trinitas Partners

Lily Shen

CMO of Bloomspot

Maarten Hooft

Partner at Quest Venture Partners

Marcus Ogawa

Managing Partner at Quest Venture Partners

Masahiko Honma

Co-founder & General Partner of Incubate Fund

Michael Lints

Venture Partner at Golden Gate Ventures

Michael Terpin

Founder and CEO, SocialRadius; Founder, Marketwire

Mike Joo

COO of Global Markets at BofA Merrill Lynch

Mike Kim

Senior Director of Corporate Development for Baedal Minjok

Mike Linksvayer


Min Kim

Celebrity Spokesperson & Entrepreneur

Navid Nathoo

Director of Alchemist X

Net Jacobsson


Nicolas Gaume

Serial Entrepreneur

Pat Kinsel

EIR at Polaris Partners

Patrick Chun

Principal at Accretive LLC

Paul Kim

CEO of Nido Labs

Paul Y. Song

Chief Medical Officer for ATGen Global

Pavan Nigam

Founder & Partner of Inspovation

Peter Chang

Co-founder and CTO of Innotive

Peter Whang

Founder & CEO of Joshua Tree Asia Investments

Rafael Solis

CMO / SVP of Product at Braidio

Rob DeMillo

Partner at SparkLabs Global Ventures

Saeju Jeong

CEO and Co-Founder of Noom Inc.

Sandor M. Hau

Managing Director of Charlesbank

SB Kim

Formerly with Nexon

Scott Sorochak

Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Foundation Capital

Shawn Patrick

CMO, Founder yap.TV

Stephen Liu

CEO of

Suk Park

Co-founder & Co-CEO of DramaFever

Sukjin Lim

Attorney & Partner at Sehan LLC

Sungmoon Cho

Principal Product Manager at Oracle Corporation.

Susan Kim

Interim CEO of Plum District

Ted Lai

President / CEO Zoodles

Teddy Zee

Producer & Entertainment, Media & Technology Executive

Tim Peek

Executive Producer at NBC NextMedia

Tom Chiu

Board of Director at Sand Hill Angels

Ty Ahmad Taylor

Head of Smart TV Services at Samsung Electronics

Yoav Schwartz

Founder and CEO,

Young Beom Jeong

CEO of United Asia Management

Young Chung

General Partner at DAG Ventures

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SparkLabs Program


SparkLabs invests up to USD $40,000 in all startups in exchange for up to 6% equity of each startups. This percentage is negotiable depending on the startup’s size and investment status.
Each startup gets matched with 4 to 6 mentors.

We consider our global mentors to be our greatest asset. Our mentors have succeeded in each of their respective industries, such as IoT, AI & Machine Learning, AR/VR, fintech, e-commerce, cybersecurity, digital healthcare, robotics, industrial and consumer products, connected cars, etc.
We believe that our startups will grow exponentially through weekly sessions with our world-class mentors.

Every week, startups participate in our weekly teaching sessions, where they have the opportunity to learn from and network with renowned local and international entrepreneurs. In addition, during Office Hours, startups can seek intensive feedback from SparkLabs’ General Partners.

Demo Day highlights the end of our accelerator program. At this event, startups have the opportunity to pitch to eminent global investors. Startups can then gain much needed exposure and promote themselves in front of the media and influential figures from the industry.

SparkLabs provides free office space in Taipei city.

The application for the FIRST batch is now open. For more information about our program and the application process, please refer to our FAQ page. Also, you can contact us as for any other inquiries.

  • 1. When will the application form for the next batch be online?

    Usually at least one and a half month before the deadline, which is usually in June for winter batches and December for summer batches.

  • 2. What types of startups do you choose to be a part of your portfolio?

    We focus on companies in the Internet, IoT, AI & Machine Learning, AR/VR, fintech, e-commerce, digital healthcare, robotics, cybersecurity and industrial and consumer products. Typically we invest in seed or early-stage companies but we are open to any innovative company that exhibits great potential.

  • 3. How much funding do SparkLabs’ startups receive?

    We invest up to USD $40,000 in all of our portfolio companies in exchange for up to 6% equity. In addition to this investment we provide free office space and an incredible package of perks valued at over USD $210,000.

  • 4. What qualities are you looking for in your startups?

    First, we look for specialized companies that have a high chance of succeeding globally. Second, we look for innovative companies that have disruptive ideas that can effectively change the world as we know it today. Additionally, as a general policy we do not select one-person companies.

  • 5. Is my company “too far along”to apply to SparkLabs?

    No, not necessarily. We are open to choosing companies that are already receiving funding and making revenue. What we are focused on are innovative companies that have the potential to grow above and beyond their current markets and product offerings.

  • 6. How many companies do you choose for each class?

    We choose anywhere between 8-12 companies to be in each of our classes.

  • 7. What is your process for assigning mentors?

    We assign an average of 4-6 mentors to each company. We will assign mentors based on your needs.however, you will also have the option of choosing your own mentors.

  • 8. Who will be attending the Demo Day?

    Our Demo Day is unique in that it is not only attended by Taiwanese VCs but also VCs from all around the globe. Additionally, many influential figures from the industry and the press will also be in attendance. Our Demo Day is an excellent opportunity for our companies to gain exposure and promote their products.

  • 9. Will I have an opportunity to network with companies from previous SparkLabs’ classes?

    Yes, of course. If your company is chosen to be in our next class, we will share contact information of all our other portfolio companies with you. We strongly believe in the benefits of internal communication amongst our portfolio companies and we encourage them to collaborate.

  • 10. Are you only looking for companies that are hoping to expand into the U.S.?

    Absolutely not. We are looking for companies that have the desire and the potential to expand globally--China, Japan, Europe, Oceania, you name it.

  • 11. Must I be proficient in English to apply (or the language of the country I am hoping to launch my company in)?

    No, English proficiency is not a requirement to apply. However, we strongly recommend that at least one of your team members is proficient in English (or the language of the country you are hoping to launch your company into) by the time you launch in the U.S.

  • 12. Can I apply if our company or founders are not from Taiwan?

    Yes. We accept applications from around the globe.

  • 13. Is my age a factor in your selection process?

    No, your age does not matter to us. What matters to us is passion, commitment and execution.

Apply to Our Program

A 3-month accelerator program for seed to early-stage startups that have the potential to expand globally. The program is offered twice a year and now recruiting our first batch members!


First batch Deadline: Aug. 29th, 2018 23:59 CT